Solder Ring (Yorkshire)

A range of good quality copper solder ring (Yorkshire) fittings conforming to BS EN 1254-1.

Solder ring copper fittings are plain copper tube with a ring of lead free solder embedded into the each end on the internal surface.

They are manufactured to fit snugly onto copper pipework or varying standard diameters to enable a secure water tight soldered joint.

Although this category of copper fitting is the most expensive, it requires less skill to produce a secure joint and also can be quicker to use.

The pipework and inside of the fitting are first cleaned by mechanical abrasion using wire wool, etc and then chemically with an active flux such as Fernox Powerflow flux. (Available under our consumables section).

The fitting is then pushed onto the copper pipework and the whole thing is then heated, using a blow torch, to approximately 230°C.

The embedded solder is drawn in by capillary action and a silver ring appears when the process is complete.

Once cooled, the residue flux should be wiped from the joint to prevent future corrosion.

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