Commercial Services

Our service begins with a standard van stock proposal that can be fine tuned to specific circumstances relating to the range of jobs a company carries out and the sector they operate in
The stock on the plumbers vans can then be monitored in real time via an app from the office
Our customers report savings of up to 25% on parts spend due to being able to track and trace parts from purchase to finished job, from their plumbers spending less time in merchants and more time on jobs earning money and of course very competitive pricing for plumbing parts
Our ethos is to semi integrate within our customers team and be a part of the process of delivering a great service to their customers
The one thing that sets us apart from other merchants is that we don’t just sell plumbing parts, we also add extra value to the process to improve our customers efficiency and profits

The Service

1. Supply good quality plumbing parts at competitive prices
2. Start with agreed standard van stock to complete >97% jobs 1st time
3. Link a part to a job
4. Real time monitoring of parts usage and spend by plumber
5. Help identify training needs
6. Work out parts cost per job
7. Work out average spend per plumber and compare locally/nationally
8. Work out cost per job per customer type domestic/commercial/key account for example

The Benefits

1. Reduced parts spend – Use washers instead of valves and less shrinkage due to monitoring
2. Increased productivity – More time on job less in merchant
3. Improved 1st time fix rate – Proven range of parts to enable high percentage of 1st time fix
4. Improved customer satisfaction – Job completed 1st time >97%
5. Reduced customer complaints – Job completed on time 1st time
6. Improve plumber skill level and job satisfaction – Learn new skills such as
replacing washers instead of inlet and flush valves
7. Defined stock helps plumbers to organise their vans
8. Easy and quick online ordering 24/7/365

In addition to the above, the app also enables plumbers to quickly and easily create customer quotes on site which are immediately emailed to the customer for approval and also visible via the office manager

Please contact us for more details email: Tel: 01245 697830