MagnaClean Professional 2

MagnaClean Professional 2
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In-line installation - In just two minutes

Versatile installation options

Compact installation for tight spaces

Low profile drain valve - Easier servicing and dosing

Improved valves - Greater reliability

Twin reverse flow - Maximising debris capture

Improved sheath design - Dual non-magnetic capture

Rapid fit connectors for faster servicing

High performance seals

Air vent assembly

Technical specification

Canister and Lid

Material: Glass reinforced nylon

Fluid capacity: 0.55 Litres

Inlet diameter: 22mm at valve

Outlet diameter: 22mm at valve

Thread: Pressure thread

Flow configuration: Bi-directional – any port can be inlet

Main lid seal: EPDM

Valve to canister: EPDM


Housing: Stainless steel

Length: 150mm

Diameter: 19mm

Bleed Valve

Body material: Nickel plated brass

Screw: Nickel plated brass

Thread interface: M6

Seals: EPDM

Drain Port

Drain plug material: Nickel plated brass

Drain plug thread: M8

Seals: EPDM

Triple Seal Valves

Body material: Nickel plated brass

Seals material: Long life PTFE ball seals

O ring material: EPDM 70 seals x 3

Valve inlet/outlet: 22mm

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