4 Gallon Feed and Expansion Polytank 18Lx12Wx12H

4 Gallon Feed and Expansion Polytank 18Lx12Wx12H
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Commonly known as a feed & expansion or header tank for use in open vented central heating systems, typically placed in a position higher than the highest radiator, usually a loft space.

The construction consists of a sturdy plastic tank with a float valve connected near to the top to admit and regulate the incoming water supply. On the other side of the tank is an overflow pipe to safely remove water from either the incoming supply (in the case of a failed float valve) or the heating system (in the case of over expansion).

A pipe from the heating system feeds into the tank from the top and allows for expansion of the water as it heats up.

Finally, a pipe near to the bottom of the tank allows water to be drawn into the heating system should it become low.

These robust and compact plastic tanks come complete with everything you need to replace your old one.

Measurements -   Length - 18 inches (457mm) x Width - 12 inches (305mm) Height - 12 inches (305mm) 

Included in the price.....

1 x Coffin Tank Jacket

1 x Screened Warning Pipe Elbow

1 x Ballvalve Backplate

1 x 1/2" Part 2 Ballvalve and Float

1 x 15mm Compression Tank Connector

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