Silweld Silicone Repair Tape (Black)

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Product Description

Silweld is the incredible new silicone self-fusing tape that can be used to repair almost anything from an emergency repair to a water hose or air pipe to insulating electrical wires or connections. It creates an air tight, watertight seal in seconds without the need for any adhesive.

Silweld is so diverse that it can be used for permanent or temporary repairs to just about anything:
U Bends
All pipes and hoses

Electrical insulation & sealing electrical wires & connections
Binding rope ends
Corrosion protection
Tool grips
And many, many more uses!


Gives an airtight and watertight seal in seconds
Non Adhesive – Self Fusing
Totally Waterproof
Excellent Electrical Insulator Up To 8,000 Volts
Withstands Extreme Temperatures -65 to + 260°C
Resists Petrol, Oil, Acids, Solvents, Salt Water, UV Rays
Withstands Pressure to 700psi
Even Works Underwater!


Silweld starts fusing immediately upon application and is not re-usable.

Should you wish to reposition the tape, unwrap the tape within 30 seconds to re-use.


Ensure surfaces are clean and free from dust.
Separate the tape from the liner and press the tape firmly onto the surface, starting at the repair point. Work the tape to 3 to 4 centimetres either side of the repair, stretching while wrapping. To ensure a good seal wrap the tape with a two thirds overlap, the tape should be stretched to twice its original length, the longer the stretch the stronger the seal will be.

For non-pressure repairs it is advised to wrap the tape around at least 3 to 4 times, for pressure repairs increase this to 6 to 7 times.

Specific Data

Adhesive - Non Adhesive, self-amalgamating

Type Of Film - Silicone Rubber

Pressure resistance - Up to 700psi

Water Resistance - Fully Waterproof

Service Temperature - -65°C to +260°C

UV Resistance - Excellent


Store in cool dry conditions between 5 and 250C. Safe in normal use however as a precaution keep plastic outer packaging away from children.


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