Opella Delchem Adj Arm BE Fill Valve 1/2" B706A

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Tags: Opella Delchem, bottom entry fill valve, B706A, 8.5" fill valve

Delchem bottom inlet valve 9.5" tall with adjustable lever arm between 6" and 9" to enable fitting into the majority of toilet cisterns

The ball valve is fitted as standard with a white plastic high pressure restrictor for use on mains water supplies with at least 3 bar pressure but will work up to 14 bar. A red low pressure restrictor is also supplied attached to the float arm which can be swapped with the white one for use on low pressure systems up to 3 bar. Most domestic mains water supplies will be less than 3 bar meaning that the red restrictor can be used but although the toilet cistern will fill more quickly, there is a tendency for water hammer when the valve shuts off.

WRAS approved anti-siphon design prevents contamination of fresh water supply.

Suitable for toilet cisterns and cold water storage tanks.

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