SV93467 Pneumatic Dual Flush Valve

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SV93467 pneumatic dual flush valve with 1.5 inch (40mm) BSP threaded outlet
These valves are fitted to Conceala 2 concealed cisterns with either Armitage Shanks or Ideal Standard branding
Valve height from top of cradle to top of valve is 180mm but overall height from bottom of cradle to top of valve is 270mm
If only one of the buttons on the S4399AA dual flush plate has stopped working the most likely problem is that one of the SV70367 pneumatic diaphragm washers fitted into the top of the flush valve has failed
If a pneumatic diaphragm washer has splits or cracks then the valve will not operate due to loss of air pressure
Replacing the SV70367 diaphragm washer is a simple matter of removing the caps on the top of the valve and inspecting the diaphragms for splits and cracks and then replacing with a new one
If the flush valve is letting by water into the pan the most likely problem is that the flush valve washer has failed
To replace the Ideal Standard flush seal and clip turn off the water and empty the cistern then simply twist the body of the flush valve from the cradle, pull off the worn washer push on the new one twist the body back into the cradle and then refill the cistern
Please refer to attached diagram for further fitting instructions

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